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We Buy Houses Toronto – Benefits of Using A Cash Home Buyer

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If you have seen advertisements for cash home buyers before, you’ve probably wondered what it’s all about. Whether you’re brand new to the real estate market, or if you’ve sold previously, take a look at how we buy houses Toronto and why you should consider a cash home buyer in the future!

Being new to the real estate market can be rather intimidating for anyone. In between searching for the right real estate agent who will promise success, to going through house repairs, to house staging, to marketing –  the process can seem incredibly long and, depending on when you decide to list, the road to a sale can be a long one. Outside of a traditional sale, considering a cash home buyer may be a simplified, cash–in–your–pocket–now option. Fortunately for you, we buy houses Toronto, and have the expertise to guide you on why this option may be attractive for you.

Top Benefits to Using a Cash Home Buyer

Less work for you – say goodbye to house repairs and staging

One of the largest challenges faced by sellers is the amount of time and money spent on repairs, staging, yard maintenance, etc. in order to make their home a competitive option in the market. When you are selling to a cash for home buyer, we buy houses Toronto “as is”, so spending your time and money on repainting, pipe repairs, and purchasing pretty throw pillows is deemed unnecessary.  This saves the seller hundreds – potentially, a few thousand – of dollars, and will speed up the process of making a sale.

House is sold “as is”, including its current legal state

In addition to not spending money on repairs and staging, we buy houses Toronto even when you are facing foreclosure or are in the process of selling an inherited property. When a house is known to be in the process of foreclosure, or is tied up in the legalities of an inheritance, this can be a highly unattractive factor for home buyers who want a simple transaction in the end. Luckily, cash home buyers will still buy the home “as is”.

Essentially zero chance of an “I changed my mind” situation

We all know this to be true – people are very finicky at times. It happens all to often in the real estate domain where a buyer goes ahead with the process, but rescinds the offer within their conditional period for multiple reasons (unable to meet mortgage requirements, found a better property, partner changed their mind, etc.) Luckily, using a reputable cash home buyer such as us eliminates a sudden change of mind. We buy houses Toronto and, once the money is in your hand, the transaction is a firm deal. You can rest assured that when the offer comes in, you are good to go.

All money from the sale goes to you and you alone

Using a real estate agent has many perks for a home seller. In – depth knowledge of the current market state, advice on what to list your selling price at, exceptional marketing on their websites and signage, and advice on staging your home; all of these are a great perk when using a real estate agent. The hardest part comes when the sale happens and you lose out on a hefty sum of money that goes towards their commission check. When we buy houses Toronto, all of the cash earned from the sale goes straight into your hands – no questions asked!

Cash home buyers are easy to find

There are multiple ways to locate a reputable cash home buyer that can easily aid you in your selling process. If you are not sure where to look, try some of these ideas:

Ask a real estate agent or other real estate professional – Being heavily involved in the industry, they will often know who will be considered a trustworthy cash home buyer and who will not be.

Reach out to your network on social media – If you are part of any online group / board, or are on social media, reach out to your friends and network for referrals.

Classifieds and blogs – Online boards such as Kijiji and Craigslist, and newspaper classified ads, will often showcase cash home buyers ads. As we buy houses Toronto, you can easily find our online presence via blogs and quick web searches. Taking a look at non-biased blogs can also aid the decision – making.

Take a look at advertisements – With billboards, benches, and transit posters everywhere, you are sure to find a cash for home buyer advertising within this space! Giving them a quick call can answer your questions with ease.

The process is easy and simple

One of the best selling features of using a cash home buyer is just how simple and quick the whole process is. In comparison to a traditional sale, which involves several conditional steps that will not always guarantee a sale at the end, we buy houses Toronto with quick ease. The process is incredibly simple:

-Fill out our form below or give us a call to speak with a professional. We will happily give you the information you are seeking!

-Arrange a time to have one of our professionals come by and evaluate the home. This will give us time to check out the neighborhood and the property; remember, you will not need to repair or stage your place!

-Receive the cash offer within a day or two, where you can say yes or no!

We will never pressure you to sell, and will always offer a fair price based upon your houses’ current market value. You are under no obligation when you give us a call. Ready to make quick money? We buy houses Toronto, and will have a fantastic offer in hand for you.

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